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Ohio employer settles EEOC lawsuit for alleged discrimination

Companies routinely hire and fire employees based on business demand, and employee performance. Sometimes in the course of these employment decisions, employers find themselves in difficult situations. While an employee might claim they were discriminated against, the employer might have not been allowed to gather all the information necessary.

In other cases, employees might not be truthful in their claims. Whatever the case may be, employment litigation brought against an employer can have a real impact on their business. A lawsuit brought against an Ohio employer by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was recently settled by the company. The EEOC claimed the company discriminated against an employee that had a reaction to medication they were taking for bi-polar disorder.

Often, employers try their best to help employees work through any disabilities that might affect their work. Sometimes, one party might be dissatisfied with the results of such efforts and file a lawsuit. These lawsuits can cost companies a lot of many, and sometimes result in bad publicity.

Businesses that might be faced with employment litigation in Ohio might be wise to speak with an experienced business law attorney. They can help a business decide how to handle the claims being made against them. This decision might take into account how public the case has become and how a settlement in a case might work. While not every case is the same, an experienced attorney can help work through the legal process and ensure the rights and reputation of the company are preserved in the best way possible.

Source: Business Insurance, "EEOC settles bipolar worker's disability discrimination lawsuit," Judy Greenwald, Jan. 7, 2013

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